Top 15 Best wordpress plugins 2020

WordPress Plugins are the most interesting handy things every new Website must get to simplify their blogging journey and to add value to their Website, the first thing that will come to a Bloggers mind after installing WordPress is to know, install and activate the top 15 best WordPress Plugins 2020.

In addition it’s also one of the Problem Solver   to all newbies with little or no coding knowledge in the Website world, in fact I normally call it “Do For Me Worker

There are many necessary must have WordPress Plugins, though some of the WordPress Plugins to have in your Website mostly depends on the type of Website you’re dealing with.


In my Post today, I’m going to write about the best WordPress Plugins, I am going to deliver my topic on the top 15 must have Plugins irrespective of what your Website is all about, Yes I am giving this topic for every Website Owners. But before I Commence on today’s topic, I am dropping to you my detailed simplified guide on how to install WordPress Plugins.


Tutorial Guides To Install Plugins in WordPress


Login to your WordPress account dashboard or if you have not gotten a domain & hosting you can make appropriate preparations and Commencement here  How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide


By going to the above link you’re going to make a choice on, What domain name to choose, Which hosting provider to start with & how to Customize your Website, Now that you’ve paid and secured your domain & hosting, I am proceeding  to the discussion right away.


  • Login to your WordPress account dashboard
  • Click on the Plugins button
  • Click on the add new Plugins tab
  • Type your desired Plugins on the Search keywords table
  • Now click on the install button
  • Wait for successful installation
  • Click on the activate button to activate your Plugins, that’s all


Top 15 Best WordPress Plugins 2020



This is the first plugin to get immediately after installing WordPress in your website,

well some newbies might question the need to install  Yoast SEO, because of such querry I am dropping the 8 major functions of Yoast SEO Plugin.



  • Yoast SEO is essential for generating sitemap for search engine consumption
  • Yoast SEO is also essential for creating a Meta description in your Post
  • It helps you as a site admin to determine which of your post should be indexed by search engine
  • You can use it to Change your Permalink when necessary
  • It can be used to create a redirect on any faulty URL 
  • It can also Configure the Meta Robots
  • Analysis every Post and PAGES
  • SEO scores Calculator, etc


The Contact form 7 plugin is mainly for adding a  Contact Me form in your site, although there are many contact plugin available in WordPress,

The reason I recommend Contact Form 7 is just because of its Simplicity nature, it appears easy going especially for Newbies


As a new Website, I think you must need to set a coming soon display Page so that when Visitors search your Website Online, they will be welcomed with a Coming Soon Page, instead of displaying the Pre-installed Hello World from WordPress


Website is completely incomplete without Security that is where the need for Sucuri  Plugin came in, So Sucuri works as a Security guard to your Website.


The Insert headers and footers plugin will be very beneficial to you as a beginner, it is going to help you to resolve the coding Problems that usually affect some beginners with no knowledge of codes. Just do a Copy & Paste, that’s all 


Although there is no need to have this Plugin Installed together with Yoast SEO since the work of the two mentioned  plugins are the same but the reason why i still decided to add it is out of experience,

I discovered that using GOOGLE XML SITEMAP works more better than using the YOAST SEO SITEMAP,

It will automaticlly generate a sitemap for your Website and transfer the notifications to some search engine like Google, bing and others

But you still have to submit the sitemap manually to Google by going here  you will be displayed with a picture like the one in the image below,

 Now click on the start now button to register and verify your website with Google search console, because it is in the search console dashboard that you are finally going to input & submit your Sitemap.


You can also go through this link for more detailed explanations on how to do that,  How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Engine but please always note that before using the both plugin together you shouldn’t forgot to switch off Yoast SEO Sitemap features to avoid conflict between plugin


Imagify is compressing and resizing images, and if for any reason you didn’t want to use imagify for your image compressor you can check out some other alternative options like; shortpixel Plugin, Optimole, Smush,Compress JPEG & many others.


Have you ever imagine the consequences of a Slow Website? Well this Plugin has the best solution to that question, just have the Plugin Installed from WordPress dashboard to help you speed up your Website.