How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide


You have been thinking of how to start a blog of your own & be making money right? It’s easy to start & Excell through blogging, you can follow my complete step-by-step tutorial guide on how to start a blog & make money blogging.

I think there is one costly mistake that most of the beginners always do when trying to start there own blog, that is the mistake of walking alone.

You shouldn’t walk alone in something that you’re just starting new, instead look for older people in that area of work and seek starting advice from them.

Is true that some publishers didn’t have such time to guide you because of their loads of activities, but I know of a Blogger that devoted most of his time helping people on how to start their own blog, his name is Scott Chow the owner of a popular blog featured on many website and magazines.

What you will learn after reading this article:

How to start a blog ( best easy steps )

How to start a blog in 2020

Best blog platform 

How to start a blog for free

How to start a blog WordPress 

Hosting for blog

How to choose a blog niche

How to Customize your blog 

How to Promote your Blog &

How to make money blogging 

Now let’s dive in to my perfect step-by-step guide on how to start a blog and make money online blogging in many different ways.

How to start a blog: Step by step guid

1.  Start a blog by choosing a domain name 

For you to start a blog and make money blogging you have to play wise when choosing a domain name, make sure to choose a name that’s somehow related to the blog topic you choose to handle, for instance; I am Blogging about how you can make money online blogging,then I choose the domain

Is not to say that your domain name will build your site for you, but it does give some elevations to your blog. What grows your site is centered mainly on your devotion to your blog and your consistency in blogging. Also when choosing a domain I will advise you to go with .com domain for more success.

2.  Choose a blog niche to start a blog

Choosing a blog niche has been a major area to start your plans with when trying to know how to start a blog and make money blogging.

Be sure to choose a niche  that you know very well, I mean a niche that you can perfectly lecture the topics to people without having yourself denying your audience  a perfect understanding of the topic that you choose to handle,

I think it’s also good to make your topic to be Concise but yet with full detailed explanations that will be easily  captured by a novice.


Never choose a blog niche because someone you know very well is into it, instead choose a niche because you knows it and you enjoy talking about it.

Wanna get more tips on choosing a perfect niche in blogging? Then read this article that teaches about blog niche.

How to Choose a blog Niche: 3 easy tips

3.  Buy domain and hosting to start a blog 

Though I recommend Bluehost as the most popular and good hosting provider,and I also recommend Hostinger as the most economy,budgeted and yet powerful Hosting provider.

You can make a choice out of the two,and if you finally decided to go with bluehost, then start by clicking on their image banner below!

Create an account with them,after which you will go to the checkout and pay through the desired payment method of your choice,

You can see the image signup below!

Bluehost registration banner image that gives step-by-step signup  process on how to start a blog

Click on the get started option to start bluehost signup steps.

Another image on how to start a blog steps

Looking at the image above!

I assumed you haven’t gotten a domain so you’re also going to purchase a domain from their site also

Now type your desired domain and check the availability of the domain name 

Now the next thing is to fill the registration form with your correct details in the image below, 

One of the bluehost signup steps on how to start a blog

Kindly fill every of the required credentials and select your country, also confirm your hosting details below

Bluehost signup image on how to start


Finally cross check what you needed in your hosting, in my case I choose to pay for 3 year hosting duration, you can select it to be on a year payment if you like.

Now finally checkout and pay using your desired payment method below!


That’s all!

You have finally purchased a hosting plan from bluehost.

Another great recommended provider is Hostinger 

Being a beginner with budgeted income,I will advice you to start with hostinger, This is because it is very cheap and affordable, also their Cpanel is more easy to understand and manage than the one of bluehost, 

If you’re interested in creating account with Hostinger hosting company, Just click on their banner image below!

After clicking on the banner, choose a hosting plan that best suit you, 

Hostinger image signup on how to start a blog

I assumed you’re starting with the basic Plan as a beginner,

Now make selection on what you want on the hosting plan by ticking them just like in the image below


Now make payment to them at checkout and damn you! You have created and paid for your blog.

Finally make your payment by selecting your desired payment method seen in the image below, 

Payment method image on how to start a blog

Woah! this is really great, 57 dollar for 4 years hosting and  year domain.

More so, if there could be a reason that you may decide to partner with a monthly payment hosting provider, maybe because of financial statues.

Don’t panic yet!

I still have a great solution for you.

Because i have a reputable and trusted hosting company that will always offer monthly payment option from their customers.

Remember that i always recommend something that i have used,  you can Join namecheap here Namecheaphosting to make a monthly payment without having to worry yearly bulk money from other hosting company.

I believe  they are the best hosting company that offers monthly Subscription.

Now, what’s next after domain and hosting payment?

4.  Platform installation to start a blog

Although there are many free to use blogging platforms which includes;

You can use any of the free blogging platform to start a blog for free!

But You shouldn’t plan to make money with the free version of these blogging platforms

Make sure to opt in for the paid platform.

Let’s get going please!

Now that you’ve known about some blogging platform, I believe that the next question in your mind could be ” how can I pick the  best blogging platform?”

Now, from research, it has been noted that going with WordPress is always the best choice.

But then you should know that the WordPress we talks about here is

It is a self hosted version of WordPress where making money blogging is 100% guaranteed.

You should also note that you are restricted with making money on

It may likely sound funny for some beginners but it’s real, For you to make money online,you must surely go for a paid blog or website & at the same time pay for hosting,

If maybe you’ve decided on starting a blog on WordPress, 


Now to install WordPress on bluehost or hostinger is just simple,because you can do it by Login to your bluehost or hostinger account,

Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Depending on the hosting provider that you finally decided to go with, You can also refer to my blog post on  Steps to Install WordPress in Hostinger beginners in the Website world, 

Being very easy to understand & setup is another important reason why i strongly recommend Hostinger for beginners,

Not only that, it’s also the cheapest recognized hosting provider in the world today,  starting from $0.99 if you finally decided to Choose & pay for their four years Plan.

5.  Site customization 

One of the important things to do in order to establish your new website or blog for you to make money with blogging is to learn how to customize your new site.

The first step to put into consideration during blog customization is to;

  • choose a good fast loading theme,
  • Delete default post and pages
  • Set your time Zone
  • Change your Permalink Structure 
  • Install some neccesary plugins
  • You can also read this article to know exactly what you are required to do immediately after installing WordPress in your blog
  • Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

There’re many must have bloggers Plugins which includes; SEO Plugins, backup Plugins, cache plugin etc.

You may want to read a post on plugin installation here, How to install Plugin in WordPress

Also this is another must read article that would also guide you on essential plugins 

Top 15 Best wordpress plugins 2020

You can easily do it by going to the WordPress administrative zone and click on the appearance tab & choose from thousands of WordPress theme in the market. Click on the activate button,that’s all.

You may want to read our post on Best free wordpress themes in 2020 

6.  Publish your first blog Post to the world

Login to your WordPress account & locate the Post option in your  WordPress dashboard, Now click on it to view all options associated with the Post link, now click on the add new Post which will automatically take you to the writing & Publishing area,

Now write & publish  your first Blog Post to the world.

You should know that you’re not only going to publish your first post but the trick here is ” PUBLISH  and keep PUBLISHING 

Always be sure to include keywords in your Blog Post before hitting the Publish button. and I will also recommend using the Yoast SEO post analysing features,

Just have the Plugin Installed in your WordPress dashboard and activate the Plugin to always help you analyse and score your Blog Post before publishing,

Through that you can be able to know what exactly you missed in your Blog Post so that you try to include and amend them before publishing your Post,

It will also help you to know where amendments is needed in your Post, Help you to write a Meta description,Many things to mention about the work of  Yoast SEO. so it is a must download for every blogger.

7.  Promote your blog 

There is never a way for you to achieve how to start a blog and make money blogging without learning how to Promote your Blog,

There are many ways to promote your blog for free & one big way is through social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Linked & Pinterest,  Always make sure to share your blog post with your friend. So that once they click on the link,you also get paid for that, even when the friend they shared with your link click on it, you also get paid for that.

Another Sure way to promote your blog is through Email Marketing,

Never should you neglect the power of email marketing in a Website, you can do that with Constant Contact, Get response,Mailking and many others. You can also refer to my post on How to Promote your Blog: 9 best Ways

8.  Monetize your blog 

This is the most sweet and enjoying part of blogging, in fact it is the main reason behind starting a blog for every bloggers, it shouldn’t for any reason be joked with.

Do you want to monetize your blog?


You can read my article on how you can start monetizing your blog right away, How to Monetize your Blog:4 Powerful ways


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I hope my Write-Up on how to start a blog will help many people in need of how to Start their own Website and make money Blogging, do not forget to leave a Comment.

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