How To Add A Website To Search Console

How To Add  A Website To Search Console

Image that displays how to add a Website to Google search console

You’ve been thinking of how to add your website to Google search console but didn’t know how to do it right? To add a Website to Google search console could be easy if you can follow my easy step-by-step tutorial on how to add a Website to Google search console.

Now let’s dive in to the easiest working tutorial on how to add a Website to Google search console,


The first step to take is to go to Google search console Website, and click on the add property link in the top left hand of your screen, you can see the image details below.


What you have to do now is to add your website name in the correct format, for instance my website name is so I’m going to add, Now click again on the add property link, now it will automatically take you to where your going to fill your details with your account included.



  • Make sure to fill your correct Google account details because you will later verify the Google account and also the Website Ownership, Now during the verification processes you have two options to verify, the recommended option & the alternative option, I will recommend choosing option two (  the alternative method  ) when you click on the alternative method you will see four options, try to click on the first option like this, HTML. tag” now copy the link and return to your wordpress dashboard & click on the plugins,

From there click again on the add plugin tab which will automatically take you to the plugin link, there you will also see a keyword search table, now type “insert headers and footers plugin”in the search box,


It should appear in the first search results,now click the install button & wait for a moment for the plugin to finish the installation process,

Now after successful installation go ahead & click the activate button to activate insert headers and footers plugin.


  • Immediately after activating the plugin, it will automatically take you to the table box where your going to insert the headers and footers now long press on the table and paste what you initially copied before, now click to paste it but be sure to paste it in the script in the headers table & also make sure to click on the save changes  button.
  •  Return back to your WordPress dashboard and click on the SEO button,it will take you to the general-Yoast SEO dashboard, now select webmaster tools and choose Google search console and paste what you initially copied before again in the box,now click on the save changes button.
  • Now your final step is to return back to the Google search console and finally click on the Verify button, that’s it you have finally submitted & verified your Website to Google search console, You can also refer to my post on, REASONS TO ADD YOUR WEBSITE TO GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE


That is where I’m going to stop on our todays tutorial, if you have any question, please feel free to drop it in the Commenting Section, 

You can also reach me by filling out the Contact form in the About Me section, please also leave a comment for me, see you on the next article.

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