How to Create a Converting About us Page in WordPress


Are you a WordPress account owner and most probably new in WordPress? Then you must learn how to create a converting about us page in WordPress!

Or maybe You’re looking forward to starting your own blog as soon as possible? Then it’s good to let you know that WordPress is sure to be the best blogging platform you can start with.

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Have you finally started your new blog with WordPress and didn’t know what else to do.

Then check out how you can easily create a good About Us Page in WordPress!

But before proceeding on this article, let’s quickly explain in detail what About Me Pages is all about.

What is About Us Page?

An about us page can be defined as a page that contains everything about you and what you have to offer to your readers.

Reasons Why you Need an About us Page for Your Website

There are many reasons behind creating an about us page, you can read the reasons below!

1. To Gain More Readers

Imagine you visited a website for the first time and you became inquisitive to know what the Website is all about.

Believe me your next step would be to check out their about us page, and what makes you to go through those steps is for you to know weather you have interest on what the Website is doing.

Take for instance you have been searching to see where to learn about podcasting online, and you later discovered after reading their about us page that the Website you just checked in is teaching people on how to podcast,

Don’t you think that you would bookmark the Website immediately for continuous reading?

Yes that’s how the Website owner gains more readers

Well that’s just one of the great reasons for writing an about us page for a Website.

2. To Gain More Subscribers!

Of course you can believe with me that it is very difficult to acquire blog subscribers without including an about us page in your blog.

Think of the possibility of you subscribing to a blog that you didn’t know what they are offering, men is just impossible for you to subscribe to such blog, let’s just be sincere.

So this is another reason why you need to create this page in your blog as a blog owner aspiring for successful blogging!

When you write your about me page and your readers came in contact with your page and like what you’re teaching, they will quickly Subscribe to your blog to read more of your blog articles.


3. To Look More Professional!

There is no doubt that people hate reading in an amateur site, who doesn’t like being  professional?

Everyone loves it!

So you should also try to make your blog professional to gain more trust from your readers which will make them to have a positive thought about you and your Website.


Tips to Create a Converting About us Page

1. Make it Concise

A good about me page should be simple and straight forward in such a way that your reader picks up the things about you and your job without having to scroll for long.


2. Give two figure details

Including a two figure details is also one of  the tips to create a good about us Page.

And what is these two figure details? The two figure details should be About You and About Your Blog.

Some people often makes such mistake of explaining only about them or only about their Website in their About Us Page.

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The best target on writing a good About Page is to let people to know who you are and what you can teach people in your blog.

You can view the good example of two  figure details in the image below, where I talks About Me & About my Blog!


Illustration image on how to create an about us page in WordPress

3. Make it Easy to find

It becomes useless after creating a perfect About us Page and by the end day you made it inaccessible to your readers.

To avoid such mess! Please try to add your About Page to your Menu for easier access to your visitors.


Now that you’ve known some Reasons Why you needed to create a converting about us page in WordPress and also known some tips to create this page.

I guess your next question would be ” how to create an about us page in WordPress ” A Page that’s going to convert your readers into Subscribers and Buyers.

How to Create a Converting About Us Page in WordPress

*You can create this Page by logging in to your WordPress dashboard.


*Click on the page link while in your dashboard.


*Click on the Add New Page as seen below!


Clicking on the Add New Page will automatically take you to the Post writing screen, At this point you should give the new Page you want to create a name ( About Us ) and start writing your About Page using the guidelines written above.

That’s just it, you have successfully created your Website About Page by yourself.

I have finished creating my About Us Page, what next?

Publish your Page and make sure to add your About Us Page in your Menu so that your visitors won’t have to get bored looking for it.


Did you enjoy my Post on how to create a converting About Us Page in WordPress? Then do not forget to Comment on the Post, do you also need help creating this Page for You? Also let me know in the comment box below!


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